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Over 2,700 profit shown in the 2005-2006 football season to stakes of just 50.

55.85 points profit


Football betting often proves to be a difficult task as it seems that any result can be possible especially when you see 'freak' results week in week out in the English football leagues.

There are always 2 or 3 major upsets where the top teams who seem dead certainties to win let punters down and over the past few years there will not have been many weekends when the top teams, Arsenal, Man U, Liverpool and now Chelsea have all won their games. Letting many big hitters down on singles and accumulators.

However by placing sensible bets on certain games and patiently allowing your bank to grow each week and month it is possible to make a very significant profit from football.

I have been betting on football for the past 7 years or so and have perfected my method of betting. I make an average now of over 2,000 per month and this has been increasing all the time as I have increased my betting bank and stakes.

You can now share in my success by placing the same bets as I do allowing you to also make some big money from betting on football too.

Take a look at the results and you will see that the profits are increasing all the time, usually week by week and certainly month  by month without fail.

This really is like making an investment instead of gambling because there are many parts of the bets that are statistically in our favour, so by exploiting these along with my experience and knowledge of football we can both continue to make a great deal of tax free money. And you have a guarantee too:

If any calendar month shows a level stakes loss, while you have been a subscriber for more than half of this month, you will be given 2 months of advices for free.

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