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Football matches can either finish with a home win, an away win or a draw. With only 3 possible outcomes we can significantly increase our chances of success.

We 'lay' or bet against one team in a game which means we have two results in our favour, the other team to win and the draw. Subscribers will be shown exactly how we do this to maximise all profits.

Odds for losing bets
When we have a losing bet the loss is taken from the average of over 60 bookmakers, plus 10%, or the Betfair price of the team we are laying at the time that the selections are posted. Whichever is the biggest, we use as the lay price. This can in some cases be significantly higher than you may be able to find at other times on Betfair or on the other betting exchanges, meaning you should be able to better the prices on our losing bets and win more than our profit claims in the long run.

Since the start of November all lay prices have been restricted to keep any losses and liabilities down. From this point onwards we have made it our aim to make the maximum price of all our selections to lay at 3/1 (4.0 on the betting exchanges). This may slightly rise above the 4.0 mark once the 10% is added to the bookmakers price or the Betfair price is taken into consideration and we may also find it impossible to make enough selections following this minimum price restriction, but this has been our aim and this can be seen in the results of any losing bets since November 2005.

Betting bank
The size of betting bank you will need depends on the amount you can afford to start with and the amount of money you would like to win overall. Obviously the bigger the bank you start off with, the more can you can risk and ultimately win.

Statistically we are placing the correct bets so in the long term we will always make a profit which can be any amount you wish to make. Check out the results page and you will see that the profits always increase in the long term.

The results are claimed to betting 50 on each result and with an average profit of 900 per month and with the football season being about 9 months long, this will make you around 8,000 in under a year. Increase your stakes when you start to win and this final profit will also increase. 100 on each bet equals 16,000 in just 9 months.

Placing the bets is not all time consuming and takes just a couple of minutes at the weekend or mid week, so you will not have to follow the matches or 'trade' in running as the game plays out.

Its a very simple and profitable way to make an easy second income from home and of course you have the unconditional guarantee:

If any calendar month shows a level stakes loss, while you have been a subscriber for more than half of this month, you will be given 2 months of advices for free.

Subscription and refund details

The subscription rate is 49 for 30 days of service in which the average amount of bets in one month is 50. If you receive less than 40 advices in this period you will be entitled to a refund of 10.

It will be up to the subscriber to contact me regarding the refund but this money can be claimed at any time after the period has ended and the money will be paid back to you as soon as possible.

This refund will not be available during the last month of the football season or during the summer when there are no matches.


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