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Betting Exchanges - Free 20 bet with Betfair

To lay the one team each time you will need an account with one of the betting exchanges. To open an account with and receive a free 20 bet just for doing so, please quote the reference number below when filling in your new account form.


Bet Advice

When reading the 'Next Selections' section on the members home page, we are 'laying' which means backing against the team in green.  Please read the section On 'Placing Your Bets' below. If you are unsure how to lay a football team on the betting exchanges, please contact me with any questions and I will hopefully be able to help. It really is very easy indeed.

Average Odds

When we have a losing bet the loss is taken from the average of over 60 bookmakers, plus 10%, or the Betfair price of the team we are laying at the time that the selections are posted. Whichever is the biggest, we use as the lay price. You can find the bookmakers odds that we use by going to , clicking on the league of the game that you are concerned with and then clicking on the match itself. This will show you the whole list of bookmakers.

After each bookmaker is their price for the home, draw and away. At the top of the page you will see: 'Add to my selections' with three prices shown which are the average prices. We add 10% to this average price and compare it with the price of the team we are laying on Betfair at the time the selections are posted. The biggest of these two is the one we use to calculate any losses when a bet is unsuccessful. It may be bigger or smaller than you can get your bet on at, but should even out over the long term.

Placing Your Bets

By far the easiest way to place your bets is by using a betting exchange such as Betfair. Here you can simply bet against a team with one bet automatically and effectively place two other bets, one on the other team and one on the draw.

Find the match that you are betting on and you will see a blue column under the word 'Back' and a pink column under the word 'Lay'. There will be three boxes for each, the home team, the away team and the draw. Find the team you are backing against and click on the box for that team in the pink column. A betting slip will open up on the right where you must put your amount per bet in the 'Backers Stake' box. If you wish to win 10 per bet you will put 10 in this box but it can of course be any amount over 2.

Your liability (the amount you stand to lose) will now be displayed also. You must have this amount in your betting account to cover the eventuality of the bet losing. Now click 'Submit' and then 'Yes' and your bet is placed.

Betting Bank

To make sure that you can cover all possible losses you should start out with a reasonable sized betting bank. Please remember that this is a long term investment and as such should be taken seriously. The bigger your initial bank is the larger your profits will be but you can of course start with a minimum amount.

If you were starting a business that was to make you a second income you would not hesitate to put in a few thousand pounds to get you up and running. For this system it is recommended that you have enough to cover all losses on one days betting. You can work this out by adding up all the liabilities on each bet on one day.

Risk Of Money Losses

You must be warned that all forms of betting carry a risk of losing money and you are advised to only bet what you can afford. It is much better to bet small for a few months and watch your bank grow before placing bigger bets. This is a long term investment so take your time. You can see by the results that this is a safe system to use as the profits increase steadily month by month as a result of placing sensible bets the advantage is on our side.

I have to state that no previous successes guarantee any future profits, however I am as confident that they will going on my previous years betting.



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