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Subscription to Inform Football costs only 49 for one months advices (30 days).

The average number of selections each month is 50. If there should be less than 40 selections in these 30 days you will be entitled to refund of 10. If any calendar month shows a level stakes loss, while you have been a subscriber for more than half of this month, you will be given 2 months of advices for free. Please read the 'terms and conditions'.


All payments are made over secure pages and the preferred payment method is Paypal the safest way to send money over the internet.

(If you would prefer to pay via Nochex. Please click here for details


Inform Football

 One Month Subscription - 49



After your subscription has been confirmed you will receive an e mail containing your own username and password which will allow you access to the members area, via the 'Members Login' panel.

If you have any problems with payments or passwords please contact:


Please read the terms and conditions before you subscribe


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